Growing Your Team Worksheets



There comes a time when you feel overwhelmed and feel like you just can’t squeeze out any more time to run a business or photograph and post-process.


Most people don’t realize that they need help until its too late and they already developed anxiety or they’ve begun to hate what they do.

Here are two scenarios and if either of these are you then the worksheet is for you!

1. You’ve been working hard on your photography business for a year and have scheduled your business plan throughout the year but time isn’t your friend!  You just can’t find the time to create your work. You know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. If you had at least one person to help, you know it would increase your sales and social presence because you’ll have more time to focus on your photography. If this sounds like you… it’s time to complete the Growing Your Team worksheet

2. You have been photographing for several years and have sold your work or have had a show or two. You really don’t want a photography business because you have income coming in to support yourself and want your work to be a hobby. You photograph because you LOVE to and know that the business aspect is just not for you but you feel that it would be nice to make some money for equipment so you’re thinking about a part-time business… but you just can’t fit in more time to move forward and create work because time is limited… THEN it’s time to complete Growing Your Team worksheet to move forward.


Grow Your Team Worksheet

growing your team