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To help you get started with your membership program we have a Photographer Road Map for you. 

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Learning Stage

Do you understand how to use your fstop, shutter speed, and ISO to make a good exposure?

Do you know what a wide, mid and telephoto lens will do to your photograph?

Do you understand the rules of composition? If you broke a rule do you know why it made your composition strong?

Do you know how to make an image with natural light?

Do you understand how the camera works when it comes to a variety of light in the frame?

Do you work with a program to process your work?

Do you take a RAW image and make basic changes to improve your story in your photograph?

Do you understand the basic tools in the develop module in Lightroom or the software you’re using to develop your work?

AFSer Road Map

Breakdown w/bonus info

Portfolio Stage

Do you have a strong portfolio of at least 15 – 20 images? Your creative project is a must here.

Do you have a strong following who like your work? We’re not talking numbers we mean followers you know.

Have you connected with people on your favorite social platform sharing your portfolio work?

Do you have a basic website to share your portfolio?

Creative Assignment Check-in Bonus Call

December 16, 2018

Creative Assignment Research

February 3, 2018

Shoot Flowers Outdoors

FavoriteIt’s such a pleasure to photograph these beautiful subjects and I hope I’ve inspired you to...
September 30, 2017

Photographing Deserts

August 14, 2017

Social Media Marketing

August 5, 2018

Social Media

September 29, 2017

Business / Artistic Stage

Do you have a plan for your work?

Are you selling work to your Ideal Customer Avitar, examples: editors, art buyers, homeowners, other business websites or have your work shown in galleries?

Please don’t limit your customers to this list.

You have an email list to connect with the people who love your work and you update them at least once a month consecutively.

Pushing Your Comfort Zone Stage


Working on a new portfolio by trying new ways to photograph and/or postprocessing.

Do you have a new portfolio of creative work?


Time to set goals… have you completed them?. Examples: Your goal to make a particular amount in your business, work with other businesses, you want to start teaching, etc…

Submit Images

August 9, 2017

Zerene Stacker Basics

November 4, 2018

03 Bonus Circles of Confusion Shoot

December 19, 2017

01 Bonus – Texture Pack Rough 1

November 10, 2017

Flood Plugin Tutorial

October 10, 2017

02 Bonus – Texture Pack Soft 1

August 9, 2017

Growing Stage

Do you feel overwhelmed and need help?

You have completed a strategic campaign to attract new clients with email, webinars, social media.

You understand SEO and use this to help with your campaigns. having fun with your photography because you just don’t have time to work on what you love most, producing work for you and your ICA.

You’ve hired people to help you with the tasks you don’t like to do and/or you’re not strong at.