Basic Focus Stacking Workshop


    In this course we will discuss 3 things :

    Pre – Shoot | Live – Shoot | Post – Production

    Once completed, you should be able to do a basic photo stack in Adobe Photoshop. 

    What is focus stacking? It’s the only way (at the moment) to get the subjects that you’re photographing in focus when you’re close-up to them. To do this you must photograph several images that are gradually in focus (the goal is from foreground to background) and merge them together.

    Our members had a Live Workshop where we all jumped on a call with Janice and worked on focus stacking together. Next, the members worked for an hour by themselves and showed their work in the Forum and/or Private Facebook group and lastly, we met again to answer questions and finalize the workshop with some post-processing.

    This is a Mini-Course for those of you who couldn’t attend the workshop.

    Focus stacking is the only way (at the moment) to be able to get more in focus when you’re photographing subjects up close. There are 83 minutes of packed information to get you started on learning how to make your main subject nice and sharp.

    If you’re a Landscape Photographer this is for you too!  Make your Foreground, Middle and Background shots nice and sharp and after this course, you’ll be able to merge those files together to make a beautiful landscape to tell your story.

    In this image below if Janice had not added multiple images that are in focus together she would not have achieved the result of the leaf being in complete focus.

    Before focus stack.

    focus stack

    After focus stack.

    Course Materials Used



    Macro Lens

    Focus Rack

    Shutter Release

    A subject that is flat or doesn’t have much depth to it.

    Lightroom & Photoshop   (Photoshop Required)

    All links to Course Materials are in Lessons.

    Silk flowers focused stacked to get more in focus in the compostion.

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