Color Correction In Camera Workshop

    In this course we will discuss 3 things :

    Pre – Shoot | Live – Shoot | Post – Production

    Once completed, you should be able to correct your color problems and make creative colored images in camera. 

    Sometimes the camera just can’t produce the color you envisioned with your eyes. The image may become too red or too blue. Or you’re photographing a red or yellow subject and everything just gets mushy, you lose detail in parts of your subject.

    So what do you do?  You fix this IN camera before you even add the files to your software program for post-production work.  This way you have all the pixels you need to push that image to where you want it to be.

    Our members had a Live Workshop where we all jumped on a call with Janice and worked on color correcting together. Next, the members worked for an hour by themselves and showed their work in the Forum and/or Private Facebook group and lastly, we met again to answer questions and finalize the workshop with some post-processing.

    This is a Mini-Course which is a cropped version of the workshop, plus it has added materials to help you with color correction in camera and to help you understand how to manipulate your temperature to get the color you want for your shoot. You’ll have 34 minutes that are straight to the point to help you think creatively with color.  



    Topics we discuss in this Mini-Course:

    RGB – RAW Files

    Calibration – Color Problems – Exposure

    Light Conditions

    Photographing live – Auto balance – Custom balance – Kelvin

    Fixing color in Adobe Lightroom

    Recap the Workshop

    Course Materials Used


    Grey Card

    White Card

    Janice will show you how to color correct in your camera and in Lightroom. Sometimes when you photograph you’ll have color cast that makes your work look off. We’ll fix those colors in camera and in post-production with some easy steps.

    All links to Course Materials are in Lessons.

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