Live Workshop photographing Pearls and Shiny Objects.


    In this course we will discuss 3 things :

    Pre – Shoot | Live – Shoot | Post – Production

    Once completed, you should be able to make beautiful pearl and shiny objects pop on white backgrounds.

    Our members had a Live Workshop where we all jumped on a call with Janice and there was a demonstration and discussion about lighting.  Next, the members worked for a couple hours and showed their work on the private Facebook group and lastly we all had a discussion about post-processing and Q & A’s.


    Course Materials Used

    Diffuser Tent,

    White Slightly Translucent Plastic Film,

    Daylight Fluorescent Light Bulb,

    Color Correction Gels (if needed),



    Trigger remote or set Timer,

    Boom Pole,

    Light stands,

    Light Continous or Strobe | Mono Light

    All links to Course Materials are in Pre-shoot Lesson.

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