Photographing on Black Plexi-Glass Workshop

    In this course we will discuss 3 things :

    Pre – Shoot | Live – Shoot | Post – Production

    Once completed, you should be able to photograph a beautiful image on Black Plexiglass. 

    It can be difficult to photograph on black plexiglass because of the lighting situations and the reflective glass.

    Topics we discuss in this Mini-Course:





    Downloads to help you

    Recap the Workshop

    • Janice shares the setup for the workshop and talks about prepping for your photoshoot.
    • She’ll demonstrate natural light and strobe lighting with black plexiglass and using reflectors to bounce in the light.
    • Next, she’ll share a variety of issues to look out for when you begin your post-processing.


    Gerber Daisy on Black Plexiglass from the live shoot.

    So what’s your first step? You set up your composition and play with your light.

    Our members had a Live Workshop where we all jumped on a call with Janice and worked on black plexiglass. Next, the members worked for an hour by themselves and showed their work in the Forum and/or Private Facebook group and lastly, we met again to answer questions and finalize the workshop with some post workshop questions and details to look out for.

    Dead Leaf on Plexiglass

    This is a Mini-Course which is a cropped version of the workshop, it also has added materials to help you with tools and information to successfully make a reflection in your glass in camera and to help you understand how to manipulate your work to get you want from your shoot. You’ll have 34 minutes that are straight to the point to help you think creatively with plexi.  

    Course Materials Used

    Equipment and accessories that will help you.

    Snoot with Grids


    Third Hand

    Rocket Cleaner


    White diffusion cloth

    White diffusion paper

    Correction Gels

    All links to Course Materials are in Lessons.

    This shot is discussed in more detail in the minicourse.

    Bouquet of flowers in antique vase on plexiglass.


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