Let's Rock This Together!

You've Got This!

Janice is doing the happy dance!  It’s time to rock your work… yes, it is work but it’s good work.  To express yourself with your images is an amazing feeling.  If you feel overwhelmed then it’s time to take a break.  Not months, ok, just a day or two 😉

Now it’s time for you to begin your, “Big Picture Master Class“.  Trust me this is so important so you’re not waisting precious time focusing on something you really shouldn’t be working on.

To give you a boost to follow through with your photography goals.  After you’ve done your Master Class, it’s time to check out this formula HERE.

We’ll work on this together and remember to always join the Friday check in calls to help you stay on tract.

IMPORTANT: Once a month has gone by and you’ve completed your Onboarding in the Start Here area, the Big Picture Master Class and your Follow Through Forumula, it’s time to request your next project.

To see the various projects go HERE.  (LINK COMING SOON)

Ok Adventurer… let’s get you going :0)