Welcome to the Family

We all are busy but what set’s us apart is our drive to create!  You are now and Adventurer of the F-Stop and here is our manifesto:

AFS’er Inner Circle Manifesto

An adventurer of the F-Stopper may have photographed for years or just started learning Macro, Nature and Landscape photography.

We are passionate, dedicated photographers, free from conformity and willing to take chances with our work.

We choose to break out of our comfort zone and bad habits to explore new ways of photographing and post-processing.

We value all types of creativity and know that failure is the key to success.

We are not about what everyone else says we should do, we make our own work.

An Adventurer knows that engagement with other creatives will spark new ways to think and move forward with their photographic journey.

We take the steps to tell our 1000 words because our images do make a difference.

Below is your 60 Day Roadmap to get you started! 


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