Flash Strobe Workshop

    In this course we will discuss 3 things :

    Pre – Shoot | Live – Shoot | Post – Production

    Once completed, you should be able to use your flash strobe manually to create your own lighting conditions.

    Our members had a Live Workshop where we all jumped on a call with Janice to work on flash strobe lighting.  Next, the members worked for a couple hours and showed their work on the private Facebook group and lastly, we met again to answer questions and finalize the workshop.

    This is a Mini-Course for those of you who couldn’t attend the workshop.

    Flash Strobe lighting is a great tool to help with bad lighting conditions or to create dramatic photographs.

    The image below was made with a ring light to enhance the light areas of the Gerber daisy.  Janice added textures and toned the work to give it a cool feel to it.  Next, she added water using a plug-in.  This image is part of her Flower Flood Portfolio and was taken during a live shoot for the members of her group in the Arcanum.

    Course Materials Used


    Flash Strobe

    Ratio/Inverse Square Law PDF Bonus

    All links to Course Materials are in Lessons.


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