Outline of Shoot – Click Below

01:41 – Overview – Forum Info

03:32 – RGB – RAW Files

04:01 – Calibration

06:01 – Color Problems – Exposure

08:23 – Color Problems – Light Conditions

10:27 – Color Checker Passport

11:43 – Light Problem Examples

13:34 – Siri’s question…see below

Pre Shoot with Members

Janice discusses how the camera works and shares the problems that can happen when it comes to color correcting. You can fix these problems in camera and in post production as long as you shoot in RAW.

You’ll use a grey card to get the exposure correct and the white card if you’re still having problems with your color. You’ll manually adjust the color correction in the camera. Next lesson will show the live shoot….

Equipment and Accessories

Camera set to RAW

Grey Card

White Card

Standard White Balance Card Set with Standard Lanyard 

Color Checker Passport

Color Monkey Calibration


It’s so important to photograph in RAW format to be able to really push your color correction in post processing if needed. If you want to show a client the image while photographing then shoot RAW + Jpeg.

Use RAW files

Live Questions

Siri: Do you use the software for the colorchecker or direct in Lr?

No, because when I started my work with businesses we didn’t have Colorchecker so I had to use color numbers to make sure the color was correct for the client.  I did try the Colorchecker from a friend and I do recommend it.  I just personally don’t need it.


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