Outline of Shoot – Click Below

00:37 – Sharing Stacey’s dog images

01:47 – Tungsten Light

02:07 – Siri’s question about red and yellow color – See below

03:40 – Photographing live – Auto balance – Custom balance – Kelvin

09:45 – Sharing images just shot

Live Shoot with Members

Janice photographs using the Automatic Color Balance, next she shoots using the Custom white balance and then she shares how to use Kelvin in your camera. A good number to start with when you’re in the Kelvin mode is at the 5000 mark.

It’s good to look at your live view when you’re first starting out using Kelvin. Just remember that Kelvin in your camera is different than what you’ll see on the internet; in your camera, the lower the number the more blue the image will be and the higher the number the more yellow it will be.


  Fixed with Kelvin

2500 Kelvin



Siri: Red is so easy to blow out ( yellow too) how do you still keep the right Color but not blow it out?

I use a white card to balance out the light manually in my camera.  If the color is still to mushy (blown out) I’ll take the exposure down one stop.  This works most the time.  But I will say, that I may need to expose for the problem areas and then take another shot for the rest of the composition and in post I’ll merge the two images together, but that’s rare.


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