Outline of Shoot – Click Below

00:00:27 – Gels
00:01:49 – Example from Julie
00:03:03 – Continuous vs Strobe and Mono Lights
00:05:01 – Inverse Square Law
00:08:39 – Daylight Balance Lighting
00:10:09 – Moving the Light Around
00:14:19 – Photographing Light Objects
00:16:47 – Ways to Defuse your Light
00:18:07 – Change Your Delusion for Different Looks
00:19:36 – Photographing Shiny Coins

Live Shoot with Members

Janice talks about light basics while shooting live with the group; she uses a pearl bracelet and shiny coins.

Remember to play while you photograph and make a lot of mistakes.  This will help you grow in your studio adventures.

Pearls: I used one continuous light high above the tent on a C-Stand to spread the light around the pearls.

Coin: I used 2 continuous lights on the side of the tent and crossed the light source.  I had a polarizer on my lens to help with the stray light hitting my lens. 

silver coin, live product shoot, shiny object,

Silver Coin


Video on how to White balance…  Note:  if your color is still blowing out (not having detail) after you set your manual white balance, decrease your exposure until you see details.




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