pearl, shiny objects

This is where we get ready for the shoot.

Cleaning and deciding what lighting you want is essential for a great photo shoot.  If you’re not prepping for at least the basics then you’ll end up getting frustrated.  When you feel good and enthused …that will show in your work, and that’s what we want! Below are some tools I shared on the live call and a little bit more because I love equipment and tools.

Always remember that it’s not the “tools” that makes the images, it’s you, your mind and your continued devotion to push out of your comfort zone. 

Make sure your subjects are clean, use gloves to work with subjects so you don’t get oil marks from your fingers on them.  Setup your tent on a table or saw horses with table top on the horses.  Set up lights; I usually play with a similar subject to see how the light is hitting it.  When I’m ready to shoot I’ll add the subject to the tent and then begin to play.   For this project you must defuse your light, if you don’t have a tent then make your own DYI diffusion piece.

Course Materials Used

Diffuser Tent,

White Slightly Translucent Plastic Film,

Daylight Fluorescent Light Bulb,

Museum Wax – You can use brace wax too.


Tripod with Ball Head,

Trigger remote or set Timer,

C-Stand & Boom Pole,

Light stands,

Light Continous 


Extra Materials | Other

Color Filter Paper Correction Gel Lighting Filter  Red/Blue/Green to correct color or add an artistic feel to your work.

Mono Light

Flash Strobe Info

My Strobes

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