Outline of Post Shoot – Click Below

00:00:42 – Post Natural and Flash 
00:01:36 – Focus Stack
00:03:37 – Catherine’s Shell
00:06:32 – Landscape use Strobe Flash for Forground

Post Shoot with Members

Catherine shares her shell shot.

Janice shares her flower Anther using Natural light vs Strobe Flash.


Janice talks about focus stacking.  You have a Helicon Focus lesson in your membership you can see here.

She also has a basic focus stack series below, this the first of 3.

You can watch here how I merged my leaf stack in Photoshop here.

She mentions using an extension tube.  There are many out there.

Canon Extention Tube


Just remember that depending on your conditions you’ll want to play with your light ratios and as you move the light farther away from your subject it will change up your shadows.  Light drops off a fast so you may need to increase your exposure or the intensity of the flash to get a good exposure.

Strobe lighting is a puzzle and the more you play with it the better you’ll be able to fit all the pieces together.




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