Outline of Shoot – Click Below

00:02:42 – Why would you want to use strobes 
00:03:49 – Sharing a Flash, snoot & grids
00:06:08 – How the Ring Light Works
00:08:02 – Our Environment

Live Shoot with Members

Janice discusses the reasons to use Flash Strobes and shares some of her accessories for the flash that you may need to direct your light.  These are just examples… there are many brands out there.  Have a question?  Ask in the Forum or Facebook.

Equipment and Accessories

Canon Macro Ring Light

Regular Flash

Snoot with Grids


You really need to understand your power pack on your Flash Strobe for this workshop.  Below is a video sharing the Canon Macro Ring light Pack. Even if you don’t have this light you should watch to help you understand flash packs and their ratios, etc…





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