Live Workshops

Live Workshops

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Workshops are the best way to learn as a group…but if you can’t make it, that’s ok.  After the workshop we will work on the live video call and add a bit more details to create a course or tutorial for you.


Join Janice for our monthly live workshops to play with photography techniques together and participate with live Q&A!

Coming Soon

June 2018 – TBA

In this live shoot, Janice will photograph several exposures and merge them together to make a high defined range of brights to darks in the image.  She will demonstrate her post-processing workflow working with contrast, RAW file processing, Burn & Dodge, selective local contrast and sharpening techniques.

July 2018 – TBA

Water Drop Refraction Photography

In this live shoot Janice will photograph water drop refractions.  A subject is placed behind the drop(s) that will refract in the drop(s). Using her macro lens she will capture the subject
inside the drop.

August 2018 – TBA

Macro Photographing Shoot

In this live shoot, Janice will photograph several subjects Macro Style.  To photograph up close can be difficult when choosing your composition.  She will go over in detail her thought process and explain how she approaches this style of photographing.

September 2018 – TBA


In this workshop, Janice will work on post-processing images live.  She will take a Macro and a Landscape photograph and talk to you as she’s working on each image.  After the workshop, everyone will post process for an hour and submit images (optional but highly recommended) in the forum to answer questions and/or share aha moments.


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