Live Workshops

Live Workshops

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Workshops are the best way to learn as a group…but if you can’t make it, that’s ok.  After the workshop we will work on the live video call and add a bit more details to create a course or tutorial for you.


Join Janice for our monthly live workshops to play with photography techniques together and participate with live Q&A!

Coming Soon

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August 2019

Quick Post-Processing techniques for repetitive shoots. 

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Do you get tired of post processing the same steps every time?

In this workshop Janice is going to photograph similar subjects, then share tips on how to photograph repetitiously with the same lighting conditions.

After the call members will photograph and set up their steps to make it easier to quickly fix their work for consistent results.

September 2019 – TBA

Layer and Mask (Intermediate Workshop)

In this workshop Janice will be diving into layers and masks. There is an intermediate workshop that has a prerequisite of the membership’s monthly challenge basic layer and masks tutorial. She will share how masks help you select areas in your photograph to enhance or remove distractions. She will use photoshop and On1 software to share how to select areas and add masks to the selections.

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October 2019 – TBA

Steps on Starting a Photography Business

Have you wanted to start a photography business and just don’t know where to start? It can be scary not knowing what to do. In this workshop Janice will go through the steps needed to begin this new journey of self employment. There will be a worksheet given to the members to complete during the workshop to help them with the steps of running and working a photography business.