Live Workshops

Live Workshops

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Workshops are the best way to learn as a group…but if you can’t make it, that’s ok.  After the workshop we will work on the live video call and add a bit more details to create a course or tutorial for you.


Join Janice for our monthly live workshops to play with photography techniques together and participate with live Q&A!

Coming Soon

May 2019

Zerene Stacker – Make Sharp Images

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In this workshop, Janice will shoot a quick stack and then take the work into Zerene Stacker.  She also will stack one of her Landscape images to make the complete area in the frame in focus. She’ll share ideas to help you be creative and how to use this amazing software to tell YOUR story.

After the live call Members will photograph a stack and merge them together. In the second call, Janice will answer questions and share a bit of post-processing from the shoot if she has time. All calls have a two-hour limit.

AFSer Photographer Road Map

June 2019

Share Your Images with a Plan

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In this workshop, Janice will provide materials and ways to save you time when you share your work to social platforms. She also will show members how SJP plans their strategies to tell stories with their images and to build a strong following.  It’s not how many followers you have it’s the quality of followers that make a difference.

The group will work on the provided materials together.

kim nordby wildlife

July 2019 – TBA

Wild (Life) at Heart with Kim Nordby

This is a Bonus Workshop and is only Available to Paid Members.


In this workshop, Janice will interview Siri sharing how she does her dreamy work. Members can ask questions LIVE.  To see her beautiful work click here. 

This is a workshop, members will be provided with detailed information so they can challenge themselves to make dreamy and surreal imagery. 


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