Live Workshops

Live Workshops

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Workshops are the best way to learn as a group…but if you can’t make it, that’s ok.  After the workshop we will work on the live video call and add a bit more details to create a course or tutorial for you.


Join Janice for our monthly live workshops to play with photography techniques together and participate with live Q&A!

Coming Soon

Continuous Lighting

In this workshop Janice will share what you can do with continuous lighting. There will be a worksheet given to the members to understand light’s rules and how light works in you camera.  The members will pick a subject to photograph LIVE and photograph it with continuous lighting during the workshop. 

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December 2019

Happy Holiday Workshop Fun

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Janice wants to play with Zoom!  We can have as many members as we want on the call sharing their screen!  Bring in your projects so you can share what you’re working on together as a group.  This is a test workshop to see how we all can work as a group for future workshops.  The more the merrier… no pun intended 😉

January 2020

Camera Focus Workshop

Bring your camera, lens, and any subject to this workshop, we’re going to work focusing in detail. Interactive workshop… we’ll be on Zoom.

 We will dive into a lot of ways to focus your subject so come prepared… grab you camera manual (you can find it online if you don’t have one). Janice will share some fun secrete tips for you too.

February 2020

Color Checker Passport Workshop

It’s time to dive into color checker passport.  Let’s organize your  colors and calibrate your monitor too. 

More information to come soon…

wacom pen, membership challenge

March 2020

Big Picture Master Class / Workshop

This 4 week Master Class will dive into your Big  Picture (where you want to be in a year),  we’ll find your goals, set them and then get them ready for completion within your photography journey.  Janice will meet with you every week just to work on this Master Class.

More information to come soon…

April 2020

Printing Your Work Workshop

It’s time to print your work professionally.  We will work on printing and color profiles together to print from home or to send out to your professional printer.

More information to come soon…

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