Live Workshops

Live Workshops

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Workshops are the best way to learn as a group…but if you can’t make it, that’s ok.  After the workshop we will work on the live video call and add a bit more details to create a course or tutorial for you.


Join Janice for our monthly live workshops to demonstrate the best photography techniques and participate with live Q&A!

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18 April 2018 – 11:30pm PST

In this live workshop Janice will photograph an image showing you how to color correct in your camera and in post-production using easy steps to help you. We will also push your color temperature to make creative images, stepping you out of the box from traditional imagery.

May 2018 – TBA

Photographing on Black Plexi Glass

Plexi glass can be difficult to photograph when you are shooting Macro. With a range of professional lighting tips and revealing some secrets Janice will answer your questions live resulting in a beautiful final image including some simple post production work to finish the shot.

June 2018 – TBA

HDR Photography

In this live shoot Janice will photograph several exposures and merge them together to make a high defined range of brights to darks in the image.  She will demonstrate her post processing workflow working with contrast, RAW file processing, Burn & Dodge, selective local contrast and sharpening techniques.

July 2018 – TBA

Water Drop Refraction Photography

In this live shoot Janice will photograph water drop refractions.  A subject is placed behind the drop(s) that will refract in the drop(s). Using her macro lens she will capture the subject
inside the drop.


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